Test pin set


Kit containing a variety of test pin receptacles, test pins, guide pins, nylon press pins and cables.

Kit contents:

Test pins and receptacles for 1.91mm pitch:
100pcs each of PL75-F1, PL75-Q2, PL75-T2, RL75-4S, RL75-4W

Test pins and receptacles for 2.54mm pitch:
100pcs each of PA100-F1, PA100-Q2, PA100-T2, R100-4S, R100-4W

Test pins and receptacles for 3.18mm pitch:
50pcs each of PA125-B, PA125-Q1, PA125-T
100pcs each of R125-4S, R125-4W

Test pins and receptacles for 5.0mm pitch:
50pcs each of PA156-B, PA156-Q
100pcs R156-4S

Guide pins and support pins:
25pcs each of GP-2L(15L), GP-2-D5.0, GP-5.0-4L

Nylon press pins:
25pcs each of PP25, PP40, PP50, PP60

Cables for connection to wire-wrap receptacles
200pcs 0.4 mm², 50 cm

Other items
50pcs M3 x 20mm screws
Insertion tool for test pin receptacles


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